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Architecture of Memory

Participatory project for the 24h Submission Day at the Lucerne University of Applied Science & Art

Promoted with flyers and online, people were invited to join me in an atelier-like atmosphere to tell and draw their stories


the house or flat you grew up in?​​​

the tree-house you built?

the scary corridor towards the bathroom at night?

your hiding place when your parents were fighting?

your children's room?

From our childhood on, architecture accompanies us. We can feel it, when we don't have enough space, when a room seems depressing or when it encourages us. We create our own architecture out of blankets to achieve a feeling of safety and feel intimidated by the never ending stairway down to the basement.

When we grow up, the architecture itself probably hasn't changed much, it's our perception that is now different. The kitchen counter is no longer mysterious and unreachable; your secret place under the table suddenly grew into something uncomfortable. 

What if you tried to remember those spaces through the eyes of your former self? How did you perceive them back then? 

You might remember them in distorted perspective, exaggerated proportions or just as a series of blurry volumes, mixed colors and atmosphere - it's your personal story put in paper.


Section of the Drawing from Bleranda Hodolli who remembered her refugee tent during the Kosovo War. They placed colored clothing on the roof to change the interior atmosphere.

The following drawings are from friends and family.

Detail - Architecture of Memory: Text
Detail - Architecture of Memory: Pro Gallery
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